Jeff Smith is an science tutor based in East Grinstead. He offers tuition for KS3, GCSE and A- Level, specialising in GCSE science.

For the past twenty years as a Private Tutor, Jeff has helped many students through 11 plus and entry exams for independent schools. He will help students with their preparations for GCSE exams and A-Level.

Jeff's approach is to ensure that the student has the core skills necessary for the task ahead. This means assessing what the student's capabilities are, dealing with skill gaps and ensuring that they can tackle their challenge with confidence. It is frequently the case that a missed lesson or a misunderstanding has lead to the student not grasping a particular topic or the work that stems from it. Jeff aims to find these gaps in understanding and build the student's confidence.

Tuition is provided in the relaxed setting of Jeff's home in East Grinstead.

If your child is preparing for a crucial exam, Jeff can help provide them with the tools for success. To find out more, please call on 01342 326063


Buy the book! Jeff has published a range of easy-to-read guides to KS3 and GCSE level Science. For a full list of Jeff's publication, visit the books by Jeff page.
Or visit his other websites:


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